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Permanent Housing That Supports Mental Wellness
Imagine not being able to trust your thoughts or finding yourself behaving in ways that you know aren’t normal, perhaps even dangerous to yourself or others. Now imagine not being able to get the medical help you need in order to control these thoughts and behaviors. This is what it's like for countless persons who can’t get the psychiatric care they need.

One of the biggest reasons mental health care is not available is homelessness. Study after study has shown that lack of permanent housing is one of the greatest barriers to obtaining mental health care services.

His Will Homes, a private not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, exists to change this tragedy by providing permanent supported housing to individuals needing the psychiatric, therapeutic and social supports that promote mental wellness. Won’t you join us in this effort? Click the Donate button to learn how you can help. 

Please see the "News and Events" page.  Our website is being completely updated. 

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