No one should be homeless because they have a mental illness, but many are.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) reports that thirty percent of the homeless population are mentally ill. This equates to 385,000 people, the size of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota or Cleveland, Ohio. Together through donations, time, and effort, we will provide homes that will change these lives.

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Many people who struggle with mental illness are treated differently, feel alone and isolated.

Mental illness stigma impacts people’s lives and their ability to find the care and support they need. Many of them have lost family and friends. Being homeless with no support system can be deadly.

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Many struggle with suicidal thoughts and depression. Some lose their life.

Every 11 minutes someone dies tragically by suicide according to the CDC. 46% of those who die by suicide are mentally ill. Due to COVID, the numbers are rising exponentially. Community support coupled with permanent housing is critical to reversing this trend.

How His Will Homes Is Helping.

We believe every day is a battle for these individuals that we call warriors. These mental health warriors need a safe home in a supportive community so they can shift their focus from the battle, to their unique gifts and talents.

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A safe, loving community of support for mental health warriors.

Building a Stigma Free community of support where everyone feels a sense of belonging. A place mental health warriors can call home.


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Your generous donation of any amount helps bring us one step closer to providing a home for these mental health warriors. Help us change lives by clicking the link below and donating to our new home project.

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